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About Mainely Escapes' Escape Rooms


Each room contains life-sized, interactive puzzles and mind games that must be solved to escape. Mysteries and mental challenges put your skills to the test under the pressure of the timer counting down. Each room offers its own unique challenges and contains tricks, riddles, gadgets, mysteries and more that will make breaking free in less than an hour a mental workout. Working in a group, you must solve the riddles using the clues in the room. Our rooms are great for family, friends, or business groups looking for a challenging way to have some fun.  Teamwork is a must if you plan to make it out in time.


Since 2016, Mainely Escapes has welcomed thousands of visitors including college students and their families, local Maine residents, company teambuilding, campers, and tourists from all around the world. Our first handcrafted escape room was The Prison Break. Breaking out of prison left players with a heavy craving for more excitement. We quickly built the School of Hard Locks. Soon afterward, the Ultimate Nightmare was completed making a total of three escape rooms! Stay tuned as there’s a new room in the making.

Group Bookings

Mainely Escapes is a great place for corporate outings. When trying to escape before time runs out, each member of your group will improve team building skills, problem-solving, focus, the ability to reach goals, and increases motivation.

Group bookings are perfect for summer camps, sports teams, birthday parties, and businesses interested in improving teamwork and problem-solving skills. Family and friend groups will also want to come to Mainely Escapes to reduce stress and strengthen bonds.

Mainely Escapes offers discounts and special hours for large groups. For more information regarding discounts, arranging payment, and setting a time, contact us.


Mainely Escapes works with several local non-profit organizations to help raise money and fundraise. If you are a non-profit organization, contact us for more information.

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