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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Information

How much does this cost?
Game prices vary depending on the room you choose to play and whether you choose a private room or decide to share your room with other people who are not in your party. To verify pricing, click here.

Are tickets refundable?
No. Tickets are not refundable once they have been purchased.

May I purchase a ticket for someone else?
Yes, please indicate the appropriate player’s name in the booking information before checking out. Doing so allows us to make sure the participant has not already gone through the room.

I want to bring one more friend to the game, but the online booking has been closed. Do you sell tickets at the door or can we just fit an extra person in our group?
Yes, if the maximum capacity has not been reached. We have set the capacities for each room for the players’ benefit to achieve the best experience for everyone.

What type of payment do you accept?

For online bookings, we accept PayPal, credit and debit cards. Please contact us if you would like to pay cash or check.

What is the capacity of each room?

The capacity for each room varies so please read our room descriptions.

Will my party be combined with other people who we do not know?

If your group does not purchase all the tickets for a session, the extra tickets are still available to be purchased from anyone outside of your group. This means you may be paired with additional players you do not know.

Can I book a private room?

To have a private escape room, you must purchase all available tickets by choosing the Private Room option when booking.

Do you provide group rates?

If you have a large corporate or organized group of people and would like to discuss special accommodations and rates, please contact us.

Can I book if the time or day that I want is unavailable online?
Sometimes we can make a special time for your booking. Please call (207) 314-8828 if the available dates or times do not work for you. 

What is the age limit?

There is no age limit, however, if you are under the age of 15, we require you to be accompanied by an adult.

Arrival, Departure, and Everything In Between

When should I arrive?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to cover the ground rules.

Are the rooms scary?

It depends on what you consider scary. We can tone down our rooms for all ages. For more information, please contact us.

How long is the experience?

Plan for the experience to last for about one hour and twenty minutes. After arriving 15 minutes early, you will have one hour to escape followed by five minutes to ask questions and take photos.

What if I am late for my session?
You may be admitted to the escape game after the scheduled start time of your session, but the timer will start at your scheduled time, so you will have less time to complete the experience.

I didn’t escape in time! Can I do the room over?

No, you are not allowed to repeat rooms. We will let you out after the 60 minutes or give you extra time to finish.

Should I spoil the fun for future players?

No! Just like with any good storyline, no one likes a spoiler. We ask that the puzzles remain a mystery, so please do not spoil the fun and share the answers with anyone.


Is this handicap accessible?
Unfortunately, at this time, we are not handicap accessible. There is a long flight of stairs leading up to our facility with no other entry points.

Are there any stage effects used?
Sometimes, depending on the theme of the escape room. Contact us with any questions.

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